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American investment in the Portuguese Real Estate market.

More US investors are looking at the Portuguese real estate market.

Recent data from the Foreigners and Borders Services (SEF) confirm, for example, that the North Americans have come to lead the ranking of investment obtained through golden visas in the country, surpassing Chinese and Brazilians.

The interest is not new, but it became more evident in the pandemic, a period during which Portugal “proved once again to be a country that offers extraordinary conditions for people to live"

photo: Obidos - Portugal

They arrive attracted by the unique geographical and climatic conditions, the gastronomy, hospitality, and the cost of living that Portugal has to offer.

The healthcare system in Portugal, is attracting them as well. It's free if you change your residence to Portugal

Real estate investment from across the Atlantic began to gain momentum even before the pandemic. In 2018, the Washington Post encouraged Americans to invest in the purchase of a home in Portugal, indicating the country as attractive and cheap to live comfortably.

American investors didn't stop arriving since then...

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