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Buying a Home in Portugal - The 5 Step.

When you're buying a property inside Portuguese territory there are different process stages you will have to pass throw till you have "the key in your hands".

First you will need a legal tax identification number.

if you are a EU citizen, you can request one with your ID or Passport, If you are a citizen from another country you will need your Passport.

You can ask one in any office of the AT - Autoridade Tributaria e Aduaneira.

Second, once you decided the home you want to buy, and the seller accept the deal as well, you will have to do the payment of the deposit (non-refundable) for the preparation of the Pre-contract agreement.

This document is prepared by a lawyer and signed by both parties. (i.e. buyer and seller)

The payments are between 10% and 30% of the sale price. They are negotiable.

The third step is the IMT payment (usually paid by the buyer's attorney). The IMT is a local tax charged by each municipality. It is paid only once when you buy a home. The amount to be paid is not the same on each municipality. Depends on the political strategy in place.

Next step is the Public Deed, the Deed of the House, in the presence of buyer & seller.

(both parties can be represented by a previously appointed lawyer or a bank representative if applicable) .

The fifth and final step will be the Registration of the Property Deed at the official land registry office.

As a buyer, when you are buying throw a real estate agent, you may not notice all this steps, they do prepare most of the required documents, make the necessary appointments, and do administrative tasks on you behalf.

We do it to our customers...

Contact us and find out how can we Help.

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