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Green Buildings Certification

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

In the Real Estate Industry there are various green Rating Systems Worldwide that can evaluate buildings and/or construction projects.

The most common certification methods are BREEAM (The Building Research Establishment Assessment Method), original from the UK, and mostly used in Europe, and in the United States LEED (the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)

To receive this certificates, a project or a building, needs to meet certain requirements.

The Azorean Islands - photo by Luis Vidigal

BREEAM assesses management, water, materials, energy, transport, waste, land use, ecology and pollution.

LEED has different certification, it's based on points. The areas considered include: sustainable sites, location and transports, energy and atmosphere, water efficiency, indoor environmental quality, innovation, materials and resources.

The level of sustainability of Green Buildings can be used when we compare different buildings for investment decision proposes.

Green Buildings are becoming very wanted. They can reduce severely the negative impacts of the Real Estate Industry in Global Warming.

...if your want to invest in Real Estate, why not to consider Green Buildings as an option?

Our planet will thank you.

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