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Happy Birthday new MindEstate.

I've been learning and writing about Real Estate Industry, and the Portuguese Real Estate Market for a wile now.

I also made the decision of sharing what I Know, and provide free and useful information, writing in a way, that believe is simple, understandable, and not boring at all.

It has been an amazing year 2019, in terms of knowledge, information acquired and personal development. I concluded my studies on the London School of Economics - Real Estate Economics and Finance, and I've join one year mentoring program.

18 March 2019. I've registered my company, and I started working next day.

Toke me years to have a definitive propose. I could had wait, many will say, 6 to 9 months, and finish my marketing research and my business plan, before I started.

I Didn't. I decided to start without a business plan, with the resources I had available. My business plan was complete, available and implemented only 5 months after my registration day.

I Knew what I wanted, but I had no clue of how to get it.

Since then I have been dealing with complicated issues, making my own decisions, accepting my mistakes and learning with the ones that have more knowledge than me.

Happy birthday new MindEstate for your first year.

Thanks for the change you already made in my life, for the fantastic people I've meet on the way, and for everything you already teach me.

I'm locking forward for the next coming years.

Failure is not, and will never be an option. I promise you.

Antonio Pinheiro

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