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Incorporating sustainability on real estate

Real estate is the biggest contributor to carbon emissions worldwide.

In 2010 real estate consumed an estimated 32% of total energy available, and was responsible for 19% of worldwide carbon emissions.

By the year of 2050 these numbers are expected to double.

Population is growing, there will be more demand for housing, and electricity.

The household size has increased, life style has change people's life and heath.

There are now more people moving to cities than any other time in history.

Green Building

Reducing carbon emissions, can be achieved incorporating sustainable practices into buildings, like changing building characteristics, design, construction and maintenance.

Green buildings can bring long term financial benefit, such as energy saving costs, and a social friendly environment. (i. e. places where people enjoy living and work)

Incorporating sustainability increases the value of the property.

Comparing the level of sustainability between buildings can be useful to assist in investment decision proposes, at new MindEstate, we do it for our customer using hedonic methodology.

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