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Incorporating Sustainability on Real Estate

In 2010 buildings were responsible for 32% of global energy use, and 19 % of carbon emissions to our planet.

It is possible that this energy use and correspondent gas emission will double by 2050.

The main reasons are the increasing of world wide population, with a higher demand for housing, mass emigration to cities, and a better life style of global population.

The Paris agreement aims to reduce the global temperature in 2 degrees celsius until the year of 2050 and stop the use of fossil fuels by the end of the century.

Photo: Madeira Island - Portugal

Real Estate will have to contribute, as well, to the climate targets.

Implementing sustainability can reduce and slow greenhouse gas emissions, and decrease energy costs.

We can switch lightening from incandescent to led, we can use full hybrid cars, build efficiency new buildings, and use and implement CCS energy.

there's no PLANET B, let's take care of the one we have.

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