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It all started with a simple question...

Updated: May 27, 2019

Why new MindEstate?

It all started with a simple question. Who is representing the interests of the buyer when a property sale takes place?

Most of the brokers in Portugal work with the seller and the buyer. So, how can they make a good service to the both parts, at the same time? They don't, and here's why:

The broker is paid only by the seller. The seller is the broker's customer, and it's for them the broker will work. Remember they receive a percentage of the final sales price. That's their profit. Obviously as higher is the asking price, higher will be the profit for both seller and broker.

... the buyer disadvantage

The buyers do not pay any fees or commissions. The price they are asked is the final price they must pay. This might sound good, but the reality is very different. It can become much more expensive. Without any negotiation the price asked can be slightly higher than the property value on the market.

If you position yourself into buyer's interest, you'll easy understand their disadvantage in all process. There's no price negotiation. Both seller and broker have no interest in doing so.

Our position... Bring more value to the industry!

We, at new MindEstate, are committed to help our customers. We will work with you, negotiate on your behalf and make sure your interests are meted. Buying a new house should be a happy moment into everyone's live, as it was for me. And you deserve a better service.

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