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new MindEstate - Portuguese Real Estate Market.

new MindEstate, it’s a sole proprietorship, owned by the one person, the entrepreneur, and It’s registered, in the Dutch Chamber of

Commerce, The Netherlands, with the KvK nr. 74268740

It's a Real Estate Consultancy, and Portfolio Management business, operating mainly in the Portuguese Real Estate Market.

The question "Who is representing the buyer's interest in a real estate transaction?" led to the development of new MindEstate.

The services provided are Property Finder, (including: mortgage advice, investment financial reports, and hedonic evaluations of one or

more properties), and we help new investors, with our Real Estate Purchase Process Guides, where all necessary steps, and contacts are available to start and manage, an Investment on the Portuguese Real Estate Market.

We have been building a presence in all main cities, working with local partners that share the same business approach, making a

difference for people in Real Estate.

At new MindEstate we make it a point to be involved and stay involved throughout all stages of the real estate process. We’ll guide our

customers every step of the way, whether they’re looking to buy, or rent, or invest on the Portuguese Market.


Antonio Pinheiro

+31(0)6 51760042

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