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new MindEstate's Property Finder Service

One of the advantages of hiring an independent property finder is that you will not be limited to just one listening, instead you will have access to all properties available in the market.

With many new non-Portuguese home buyers in recent years, the search for property finder service has been increasing.

A property finder, should be able to give you the right advice, and don't persuade you with a particular property, agent, or agency, specially if it's not in line with what you want.

We try to know as more information as we can about your customers.

As more details we collect about our customers needs and wishes, better will be the service we deliver, bringing with it the satisfaction of our customers.

Properties are different, and they are used for different proposals and needs.

We are aware of those differences when we go on the market and look for the perfect home for you.

contact for more details:

Antonio Pinheiro

+31 (0)6 51760042

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