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Portuguese GDP in 2020

Portugal's gross domestic product (GDP) fell by -7.6% in 2020, according to the forecast, non-definitive data, released by INE last Tuesday, February 2nd.

The figures now released differ from the estimates of the Portuguese government, the European Union, the IMF and the Bank of Portugal.

All the institutions mentioned above have different estimates. For INE the fall was -7.6% For the Government of Portugal -8.5% The IMF encourages a contraction that will exceed -10% The European Commission points to a drop of -9.3% Finally, Banco de Portugal estimates a loss between -8.1% and -8.4%

Although not yet definitive, the numbers now made public, should undergo further changes, with additional adjustments expected.

Which means that we will have to wait, for official disclosure, on the part of the Portuguese government, to know in concrete what was the official GDP of Portugal for the year 2020.

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