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Property Investment

Let's assume that you want to go into Property Investment. You have your reasons, and you have decided to invest in Real Estate.

When you are thinking of property Investments, with so many different ways and directions to take or choose from, you will came across, the following situations, things we'll have to deal with, things expected to happen.

You need to have a source to find the deals, to know where they are. There's good business opportunities everyday. If you know where to go, and the right time to invest your money.

There are good tools available, they can save both money and time.

Then you need to finance the deals, to find different sources that can finance then.

There are different ways to finance deals. It can be one investor only or more than one.

Can be a mortgage, a loan from a credit institution.

There are return rates required by investors. Those return rates should be studied in detail before any major decision.

Finally you'll take the property out of the market (buy it), refurbish it, and return the property to the market (sell it).

Can also be the case you decide not to sell but to rent it, for a specific period of time, and sell it after.

Find the deals, find out how to finance then, find a buyer for them, find tenants, there's so many findings required.

Find out more and contact me. Find out how I can help...

Antonio Pinheiro

photo: For Sale. Ericeira - Portugal.

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