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The Azorean islands - a paradise to discover a new business opportunity

In recent years we have witnessed a recovery in house prices in the Portuguese real estate market, following the big fall of prices in 2008.

Those who bought a property in 2008/2009 saw their investment more than double in less than 10 years, especially in the two main cities, Lisboa and Porto.

Across the country, house prices have followed the same example and have been rising till now.

Although the Portuguese market continues to attract investment, and there's still good business opportunities, the average of waiting time to sell a property had increase.

São Jorge - The Azores

The prices which houses are being sold, especially in the cities of Lisboa and Porto, and the region of Algarve, are making the return on real estate investments lower compared to previous years.

There is however an region in Portugal where only now the house prices started to increase and right now are an excellent business opportunity.

What I propose today is a real estate investment in the Azorean Islands, a paradise not discovered yet, where the population lives in harmony with the nature. Where house prices, still low, will increase in the coming years, following the same example of what happened in main land in recent years.

São Jorge, Faial and Pico - The Azores

We have excellent business opportunities for those interested in investing in real estate.

The problem is once you're there you will not want to leave anymore.

Interested? Contact us for more details. Your paradise home is waiting for you.

+31 (0) 51760042

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