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What you should know before buying a home in Portugal. 1/5

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

All municipalities in Portugal are requested to issue a Plano Director Municipal (PDM). A regulatory document for spatial planning of a given municipality.

The document is prepared by the municipal chamber and is approved by the general assembly.

It defines the municipal organization of territory, how the space will be used, and with what kind of activities. It establishes the strategy for municipal territorial development including planned infrastructure investments for the next coming years.

Portuguese traditional tiles

Before buying your property, consult the local PDM, and check for any public projects planed that can affect the value of the property you wish to purchase. (i. e. new roads planed, new construction permits, new governmental/public buildings etc etc)

The PDM is a public document. Anyone can have access to it. You can ask for your free copy, or check the local council's web page.

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