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What you should know before buying a property in Portugal.2/5

As a non-resident foreigner you can obtain bank financing for the acquisition of your main or your secondary housing in Portuguese territory.

Almost all banking institutions provide housing credit for non-resident foreigners.

The maximum loan amount is usually 75% of the asking price. You are requested to finance the remaining 25% with your own equity.

The repayment period can be up to 30 years, provided that the age of the holders does not exceed 75 years at the end of the loan.

Most of mortgage lenders will not allow the sum of any existing debs + new mortgage payments to exceed 35% of your monthly income after tax.

The interest rates may be fixed or variable, with SPREADS ranging from 2.05%(2019 info., for more detailed information, you should consult a credit institution).

Contact more than one. Ask your questions, compare their products...

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