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What you should know before buying a property in Portugal.3/5

Energy Certificate

The energy certificate is a document that evaluates the energy efficiency of a property on a scale from A+ (very efficient) to F (inefficient).

This certificate is issued by technicians authorized by the Energy Agency (ADENE). It contains information on energy consumption, characteristics related to climate and sanitary hot water, and indicates improvement measures to reduce consumption; such as installing double glazing or reinforcing the existence insulation.

The energy class of the certificate is determined by the location of the property, the year of construction, whether it is a building or a dwelling, the kind of floor, the area, as well as its surroundings.

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For residential homes this certificate is valid for 10 years.

This certificate must be presented at the conclusion of the purchase or sale agreement, thus attesting to the information initially disclosed about the energy class to which the property is intended.

Do not forget to ask for it!

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